The Jetty Gallery

The Jetty Gallery

Leonard Mair

Following my retirement in 2015, I attended the Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art and graduated with the Advanced Diploma in Atelier Painting and Drawing in 2019. My training was in the classical realist tradition and that remains my preferred style. I paint mostly in oils and tend to use Jacksons fine weave linen panels or Bella Arti fine weave stretched canvas as being the most suitable supports for my style and technique.

Recently I have ventured into the world of soft pastels as a more immediate (and convenient) method of capturing an image when on the move and that also helped me to explore a looser style.

My mother was Dutch and I have always been drawn to Dutch Golden Age painting. That may explain my fascination with still life subjects. Capturing the play of light on different surface qualities remains a constant challenge. However I also paint portrait commissions (humans and dogs!) and in recent years I have enjoyed exploring my local East Lothian landscape for suitable land and seascape subjects.

My paintings tend to be smaller scale (usually under 40 x 50 cm) partly because of the length of time it takes to do them but also to make them more accessible for the modern home. I want the images I paint to trigger interest and curiosity in the viewer.

I have exhibited in France and Scotland.