The Jetty Gallery

The Jetty Gallery

Heloise Maylin

"From an early age art was an important means of expression for me, whether through drawing, writing or sculpting art has remained a strong passion of mine. It's no surprise that having chosen an artistic route in life, my subject matter has leant towards landscape and wildlife.

Volunteering in a wildlife rescue centre  has no doubt added to my knowledge, understanding and love of wildlife.

I am lucky enough to regularly get out in the 'field', (be it islands, mountains or machair ) to capture my subject matter with camera and pencil. However, I do like to retreat back to a comfortable seat and easel to paint.

My aim is to capture a feeling of the moment.

I admire many types of art. With regards to my own work  the impressionist movement, juxtaposed with traditional Japanese woodblock print has inspired my style the most."