The Jetty Gallery

The Jetty Gallery

Glynis Fulton

"I graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1980 then spent six years at Glasgow Workshop and Artists' Studio Provision before moving south to follow my interest in music. 

In 1993 I returned  home to Argyll and my first love of landscape painting.

In my studio I use acrylics for a more analytical type painting based on sketches and my iPad, but I really enjoy the immediacy of working directly from the landscape to paper.  Outdoors I use coloured pencils, chalk, watercolour sticks or oil bars - anything that gets the lines, planes and patterns of the land down quickly and with least fuss.

 In December 2015 I bought a delightful little box of charcoal at a well known supermarket and recent months have been spent exploring what I can achieve with this simplest and most ancient of mediums.

 I have paintings in private collections all round the world."