The Jetty Gallery

The Jetty Gallery

Caroline Cooke is a self-taught artist, receiving her first set of “grown-up” paints at the age of 12 and making her first sale at 15.

The scenery of Glencoe and the West Coast provide an unlimited source of inspiration for her work. Caroline prefers to work in soft chalk pastel but also paints in other media.

“After becoming a Mum this also includes poster paint, glitter glue and crayon!”.

Caroline aims to capture the atmosphere and mood of a landscape.

“I am particularly fascinated by the sky and how it is affected by weather conditions. I also love the vibrancy of the colours you find in our hills and coast and find chalk pastel the best medium for expressing this”.

When not painting in her studio, Caroline likes to teach at workshops for the local kids and gets involved with local community art projects.

Caroline Cooke