John Earle

John was born in Hull in 1955.

He trained at the prestigious Shoreditch Teacher Training college in Surrey. Here he qualified as a teacher of “Boys” Handicraft and Art in 1976.

He returned to Hull to begin his teaching career, covering woodwork/metalwork/technical drawing and art.

 As time progressed, more emphasis was given to design and technology, but traditional craft skills were still taught up to retirement from Arran High School in 2013.

A leisure interest in painting and drawing continued, together with his creative abilities in multiple types of medium including wood and jewellery. This led to a career break of several years making furniture/ puppets/automata and Victorian style rocking horses.

After moving to Arran in 1998 he was enticed back into teaching at Arran High School, where he taught Design and Technology until retirement.

After discovering the American Artist, Mark Carder, John became passionate about realism in still life paintings.

Mark Carder's paintings were influenced by the Great Masters, particularly John Singer Sargent.

John spent considerable time recreating a studio to replicate the conditions in which the Great Masters painted, ie careful, controlled lighting and the use of a special recipe of slow drying medium and only five colours.

Paintings have travelled as far as Yorkshire/Ireland and Australia, some of which have been customized to include clients personal treasured possessions.

The Jetty Gallery

The Jetty Gallery